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A comprehensive solution that is

for managing all aspects of farming operations

Hello, we’re NAMAA, the leading smart agriculture platform for farms and fields of all sizes to control and manage farming operations on a single unified platform.

Let us tell you more

What is NAMAA?

NAMAA is a powerful, all-inclusive and cost-effective smart farming solution that caters to owners of farms, fields, landscapes and any green environment.

We are working with farm owners to automate their operations, improve efficiency and track key performance indicators (KPIs) through a single application.

We know that the global agriculture sector is going through a challenging time, and we want to help you and your farm thrive. That’s why we’ve created NAMAA, to provide you with the tools and technologies you need to make your business more efficient, profitable, and accessible than ever before.

Monitor, Control, and Improve with Digital Farming

Data from satellites, weather stations, and sensors to provide real-time reporting and insights about your farm

Weather Monitoring

Soil Monitoring

Farm Data and Analytics

Real-time Reports

Alerts and Notifications

Satellite Imagery

Plan, Manage, and Improve your Farm in a Click

Our mission is to help you spend less time managing your farms and more time growing them. No Hidden Fees


Your farming is now easier, visible, and more profitable.
Less costs, better yields.

  • Satellite Imagery
  • Accurate Weather Forecast
  • Farming Registration
  • Issues Management
  • Notifications
Buy NAMAA Lite


No one size fits all, you can choose the farming modules that best meet your farm needs.

Everything in Namaa Lite plus:

  • Soil Environment Management
  • Multiple Farms/ Fields Management
  • Irrigation Control Management
  • Crop Management
  • Alarms and Notifications


Farming and Agriculture
Real Estate and Landscapes

Traditional Farming can be Challenging – Step into a New Era of Agriculture

Empowering efficiency, cutting costs, and embracing sustainability

Optimize Farm Performance

Improve Yield Quality

Reduce Costs of Wasted Resources

Real- Time Farm Insights

Ready to take your farming
to the next level?

Contact us now and discover how NAMAA can transform your agricultural operations. Whether you want to increase yields, optimize your resource usage, or streamline your farming operations processes, our team of experts is here to help.

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