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Transform the way you manage your farm with NAMAA Lite

NAMAA Lite is a user-friendly and budget-friendly solution that leverages data from various sources to provide you with a holistic understanding of your farm’s vegetation health. With reliable insights derived from vegetation, weather data, and other farming inputs, you can make informed decisions to optimize your farming operations. NAMAA Lite offers a straightforward and cost-effective approach to gaining valuable insights and improving the overall performance of your farm.

Smart Agriculture Concept

Through data provided by satellite regarding vegetation, weather, and farming inputs – your farm management is simplified to achieve a lot:


  • Use satellite remote sensing data as an effective replacement for ground surveys.
  • Identify areas with high vegetation and low vegetation​.


  • Get a bird’s-eye view at a glance​ about everything happening and affecting your farm.
  • Stay informed and aware about your crop’s health.
    • Monitor weather-related dependencies.
    • Visualize vegetation patterns to identify the impact of irrigation, fertigation and weather on crops.


  • Save on manual labor, time, and costs​.
  • Cut costs on scouting​.
  • Minimize field activities​.


  • Evaluate historical land quality and degradation mapping​.
  • Optimize input resources (water, energy, fertilizers, chemicals, and workforce).

Why NAMAA Lite?

Bilingual Arabic/English interface to accommodate the needs of farm owners and growers.

You can easily upgrade your subscription to the full end-to-end NAMAA Pro solution whenever you require.

Access your farm anytime, anywhere and stay informed on your farm status with real-time feedback on changing conditions.

Receive real-time alerts from NAMAA Lite with changes happening across your farm, the effect of inputs or of environmental conditions that can impact your farm operations and crop health.

Our support team is always accessible for any app inquiries, requests or questions.

Simple, cost-effective, and packed with profit-boosting farm management tools

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